Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another one bites the dust .. day that is

Although I had every intention of jump-starting my research again now that my kids have both gone back to their respective lives, I was up and down all night last night and didn't actually get up until 11am. Now, in my defense I watched a few episodes of S1 "The Wire" as I am restarting this great show from scratch because I have only every seen it through once .. there goes that uber procrastination again. It doesn't help that it's damn hot today - 37c (98f) .. ouch! My department of education house is not air conditioned and it heats up like crazy so it is too damn hot to work, or to do anything other that surf the web and watch "The Wire" (that's 2 plugs!). 

Apparently it's going to be cooler tomorrow & if so I pledge to complete the following:
  • Plan daily schedule for the next 7 days of study - and tweak during that time to complete maximum amount for the remaining 4 weeks of holidays.
  • Spend only 1 hours per day tracking down work/employment - although this is theoretically a good thing, I am spending far too much time on this for my own good. 
  • Organise for someone to help with my expression of interest to University 'X' for sessional/adjunct teaching.
  • No watching ANY film/TV until the above has been completed (or refrained from as the case may be).
I haven't spoken to my supervisor for about 6 weeks (I assume she is on holiday break which is fair enough) and I need to have some work for her when she returns. We agree for me to start a lit review but I think I need to start working on my proposal so that I can get candidacy underway. 

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